About us

AL.CU.BRA. s.r.o. is a trading company of non ferrous metals, scrap metals and industrial waste.

For many years we have been working in the field of metal scrap and recycling of non ferrous materials by becoming reliable partners for our customers and suppliers. The materials that we deal on are destinated for traders and dealers, foundries and steel groups, all over the Europe.

Why is it important to recover metallic materials?

The recovery and recycling of ferrous material allows to obtain a new raw material quality equal to the original. Through a shredding process and processing of metals scrap you can contribute to protecting the environment and reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources. Our concern is directed to all forms of development which permits the procurement of metallic material safeguarding and maintaining the environment.

High-quality services in the recycling process of ferrous and non ferrous metals are a direct consequence of technological evolution which improves equipment, machinery and instruments.